1. Articles of association

 teikan.pdf, 199KB (Japanese)

2. Board members

Directors, councilors and auditor(as of November, 2020)

DirectorsMichiyo Miyauchi (Chairman)
Manabu Ishiwata(part-time)
Kikuko Uchiyama
Yamato Okano(part-time)
Shinsuke Kurihara(part-time)
Hisayoshi Tabata(part-time)
Teiha Tominaga(part-time)
Hitoshi Narita(part-time)
Mayuna Hata(part-time)
Hiroki Yamanishi(part-time)
Councilors Aika Aragaki(part-time)
Ken Miyamoto(part-time)
Youko Komatsu(part-time)
Auditor Yasuhiro Yoshida(part-time)

3. Eligibility for close public interest corporation

Regarding eligibility for a public interest corporation "closely related in particular to the country"

We announce that this association does not apply to such a "corporation closely related in particular to the country", a corporation required to notify the government in advance if a person who was a national civil servant to re-enter employment as an officer of the corporation, to be with regard to the provisions of the revised National Public Service Act, etc., which came into force on December 31, 2008.

November 22, 2017
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Associates of the Earth

国連環境計画(UNEP) 一般社団法人地球環境情報フォーラム