Provacy Policy

NGO Associates of the Earth (AOE) protects the private information of the Users, and it is handled appropriately following the Privacy Policy below.

-The term "private information" stands for informations that identify an individual, such as an address, a name, a phone number and/or an e-mail address provided to our organization through this website.

-At this website, the Users' information is collected as it is necessary in the process of providing our various services. The collected information will be handled appropriately within the intended purpose of use.

-The personal information provided will not be disclosed or be given to any third party without the consent of provider, except for in special circumstances based on legal restrictins, or as it is necessary for the protection of the life or the physical safety of an individual, or of a property. It will be guarded securely, and appropriate security measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration.

-This website may modify its Privacy Policy without any prior notice. The most recent Privacy Policy applies to the information collected at this website.

Questions regarding private information should be addressed to:

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