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Associates of the Earth is a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation; a nongovernmental organization registered under the new Act of 2006.


Consider the happiness of the Earth and human being through mutual understanding among world citizens.

The global environmental problem is a type of problem which must be dealt with in cooperation with Asian and other countries around the world. For that purpose, it is important to understand the world in a global scale.

What are the conditions of people in various countries and regions? What are their appeals? Answers to these questions should be at the very basis of solving the problems.

We believe that the future of human being and the world can be steered towards the brighter, with mutual understanding and cooperation among the people throughout the world. We at Associates of the Earth will deepen our understanding on the global environment through activities promoting UNEP, while at the same time we search for the genuine happiness in life and the depth of humanity.

Jun Miyauchi, Chairman, NGO Associates of the Earth

Jun Miyauchi was born in Ehime Prefecture in 1950. He graduated from Bungakuza's School of Dramatic Arts. He made his acting debut in Nippon Television's TV drama Taiyou ni Hoero! After that, he traveled in more than 80 countries around the world shooting television programs, which gave him the chances to interact with the people living in primal conditions. From that experience, he began to work on problems of the global environment, and the cultivating of aesthetic sentiments in children. He established the Shadow Play Theatre Kashinoki in 1982, and with the cooperation of Yasushi Akashi Special Representative of the Secretary-General to the UNTAC, he conducted the first theatrical performance in Cambodia by an NPO in 1992. In the same year, Theatre Kashinoki held a nationwide performance of the shadow play adaptation of the UN Award-winning Secrets of the Earth, by Aika Tsubota. In 1995, he invited former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to Saitama as the Head of the Preparation Committee of the Students' International Environmental Symposium. Currently, he administers activities to promote the UNEP's ideals throughout Japan.

"I have traveled in more than 80 countries while creating TV programs. Many of the places I visited were unexplored areas retaining the original conditions of the Earth. The stark contrast between interacting with the indigenous people of such places and living in the city back in Japan -- while repeating such an experience over the years, I thought about establishing an organization that will seek for the answer on the true richness and the happiness in people's life, and put that answer into practice.

This is how the Associates of the Earth came into this world.

It appears to me that the answers to our delusions and our questions are all contained within our own Mother Earth. Following her example, we intend to conduct many activities that will contribute to the true richness and happiness of the people."

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